"Follow Your Dreams"

Music, Art and Motivational School Program

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                                                                                                  Rick Arnold, entertainer, musician and writer of "Hog Wild", the title cut of Hank Williams Jr.'s 1995 album, would like to bring his high energy  

                                                  music show, art demonstration and motivational message to your school.  Rick was born in Hazard, Kentucky and graduated from Clay County High School where he was an all-state

                                                  basketball player.  Rick, like so many kids today, has experienced a great deal of adversities in his life. Divorced parents, family alcoholism and moving from place to place due to financial

                                                  hardships are only a few of the trials he went through.  Rick went to 8 different schools before the 9th grade and even dropped out of school for a short period of time.  It was in high school

                                                  that Rick developed his interest in music.

                                                                                                    Many people doubted that Rick would have any success in pursuing his "dream"; many told him he was just "chasing a rainbow". But Rick never gave in to 

                                                  any of those doubts. It has been a struggle, but he truly believes that you can achieve anything you want by hard work and determination. He tells the kids that it doesn't matter where you live, 

                                                  how much money you have or what your name is, that if you're willing to work hard enough your dreams can come true.  Rick's message to today's kids is to "Follow Your Dreams"

                                                  For Rick, it has been a dream come true to have charted 3 singles in the Top 100 of Billboard and Cashbox, as well as having Hank Williams Jr. record a song that he wrote and it also be 

                                                  the title cut of Hank's album. Rick tells the kids that the important thing is to have a goal in life and the first goal should be to finish school. He would like to be an inspiration to kids today 

                                                  because with everything he has seen and the hardships he has experienced, if he can set a goal and reach it, then so can they.

                                                                                                    Rick Arnold is a high-energy multi-talented performer. He has a "down home" demeanor, yet performs as the professional he is. He pleases the audience 

                                                  with his expert guitar and harmonica playing. His "one man band" show consists of oldies/country-rock and his well received originals. Rick encourages audience participation and enthusiasm. 

                                                  During one song he asks for volunteers to join him as his "back-up band". In addition to his music, Rick is also a talented Airbrush Artist. During his program, Rick demonstrates his artistic 

                                                  talent by airbrushing a 32X40 picture while singing a song! He then donates the picture to the school. After the show, the highlight for Rick, is to meet and talk to the students. He is more than 

                                                  willing to give information and encouragement about the music business or their interest in art. His music and art demonstration, along with his message, "Follow Your Dreams" is a hit with 

                                                  all age groups.

Program Information:

* Program lasts for approximately 40 minutes. 

* Rick has performed at over 500 schools in Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. 

* The program is appropriate for any age level - elementary, middle or high school. 

* His message is geared towards having a goal in life, following your dreams and self-esteem. 

* The painting that Rick does during his program is donated to the school to give away, raffle or display. (Limit of 1 donated painting per school) 

* Rick has a full line of merchandise for sale, a listing of which will be sent to you to distribute to the students if a program is scheduled. 

* We ask for 2-4 students to help load and unload equipment for the program.  (Unless school policy prohibits this.) 

* We provide PA system. 

* At least 30-45 minutes is needed for setup. 

* If the floor needs to be covered, we request this be done before Rick arrives for setup. 

Please call Robin Arnold at (615) 382-2858 or E-Mail:  Rick Arnold for rates.


*Pulaski County Elementary FRC, Somerset, KY, Julena Edwards, Director; Cumberland Elementary FRC, Cumberland, KY, Jenny Saylor, Director; Science Hill Elementary FRYSC, Science Hill, KY, Sandi Dick, Director; Yellow Creek FRYSC, Middlesboro, KY; Clay City Elementary FRC, Clay City, KY, Gary Morton, Director; Hindman Elementary FRC, Hindman, KY; Cawood Elementary FRC, Cawood, KY; Black Mountain Elementary, KY; North Magoffin Elementary, KY; Diane, Director; South Magoffin Elementary, KY; Johnnie, Director; Dewitt and Flat Lick Elementary FRC, Barbourville, KY, Shirley Smith, Director; Stumbo Elementary FRC, KY, Director; Betsy Layne Elementary FRYSC, Betsy Layne, KY, Brian Akers, Director; Lee County FRC, Beattyville, KY, Sherry Lanham, Director; Western Barren County Family Resource Center, Penny Huffman, Park City, KY; Whitley Central Family Resource Center, Tommy McKinney; Whitley North FRC, Sherry Kelly; Bonita Elementary, Mr. Short, Principal, Bonita Springs, Fl; and many other schools in Kentucky, Tennessee and Florida. Please call to see if Rick has been or will be in your area in the future.

* State Teen Leadership Conference, Georgetown, KY, 1998 

* Regional Teen Leadership Conference, Mountain Arts Center, Prestonsburg, KY, 1998 

*Family Entertainer for 14 Kentucky Association of Electric Cooperative Meetings in 2003, 2004 and 2008

For More Information on Rick Arnold, 

Contact Robin Arnold at (615) 382-2858 

or E-Mail:  Rick Arnold