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The Real Duke of Hazard www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold6

1) Never Stop Loving You  2) Lake Tequila  3) The Real Duke of Hazard 4) How Long  5) No Good 
 6) Some Girls Never Learn 7) Cheyenne 8) Honky Tonk Band 9)  Natural Thing 10) King of the Rodeo 11) Farmer Hotel Blues  12) My Kentucky Home


A Little Sunshine  www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold3

Watch the video from the #1 song Still Call You Baby on videos link page.  Some great songs on this album!!

1) I Still Call You Baby  2) Bonne and Clyde  3) A Little Sunshine 4) Just Say So Long  5)I've Been Talkin' 
 6)Someone To Hold 7)She's Gone Away 8)See My Baby Tonight 9)Beautiful Woman 10) All Said and Done
Kentucky Mojo  cdbaby.com/cd/rickarnold7

1)Watch This World Go By 2)How Many Coal Trains 3)Mojo Wine 4)Wanna Be Your Man 5)Honky Tonk Man
6)Story To Tell 7)Cryin' Shame 8)Let Me Tell You 'Bout A Woman 9) Wild Wild Country Boy 10)I Keep My Engine Running


Electrified  www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold5

"Electrified"     Rock-n-Roll at it's Best!! 
1)Guitar Man 2)We Can Fly Away 3)Rolling Stone 4)The King
5)Old Man Rock-n-Roll 6)When I Woke Up 7)Lady's Man 8)Sweet Georgia
9)Let It Rock 10) I've Had Enough


Solo Traveler  www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold1

1)Fast Train  2)I Can Feel You Tonight  3)No Time  4)Better Off Gone  5)Farm Song
6)See My Baby   7)Electric Guitar  8)Blue On A Cloudy Day  9)Beat My Feet
10)Fly Away   11)Hog Wild  12)1000 Miles Away  13)Valley Below  14)God Bless


A Day At The Park www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold2

Great album for kids as well as the whole family!  Fun songs that are easy to learn and sing along to. 

1)What's In The Toy Box  2)The Farm Song  3)Nature's Music  4)Imaginary Friend
5)Captain of the Sea  6)A Day At The Park  7)When I Grow Up  8)Paint a Picture  9)Aunt Luise  10) Air Band 11) God Bless


Harmonica Highway    http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/rickarnold4

 Sit back and relax to these Harmonica melodies on this great instrumental CD on which Rick played all the instruments.

1)West Desert Highway  2)Back Home  3)Milk and Honey  4)Bluz Talk 

5)Two Lazy Harps  6) Still Flying  7)Let Me Play  8)Along The River

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