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YouTube - Rick Arnold Resort Promo

This is a great video if you're interested in scheduling Rick for your next event, whether it is a show, dance, poolside, corporate event, private party, etc.

Rick Arnold Promo 1

One thing is for sure, Rick will make your event a fun time for everyone!  Whether it's a restaurant, club, outdoor dining, pool party or private event, Rick has a variety of old rock-n-roll favorites that will please

 everyone.  Rick is known as one of the best one-man-bands in southern and central Florida.  He's plays electric guitar and harmonica and has background tracks that he programmed in his recording studio

(it's  NOT karaoke tracks!!)  which make him sound like a 4-5 piece band.  This video shows people having a good time at all different kinds of venues.

YouTube-Rick Arnold "One More Song"

This original song is on Rick's new Rock-n-Roll CD, "Raised on Country, Born to ROCK".  He ends all his dances with this song and is so much fun.  
The footage used in the video was taken from various shows of Rick's and illustrates what a great time all those who attend a Rick Arnold dance is having.

YouTube-Rick Arnold Oil Painting #1

This is my first time-lapse video of a landscape oil painting.

YouTube - Rick Arnold "Still Call You Baby"

This is a fun, upbeat song based around Rick's high school basketball days.  The old footage in the video is actual footage from those days.

To Purchase "Still Call You Baby" go to "A Little Sunshine" album on  store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold3

YouTube - Rick Arnold "Farm Song"

This song "Farm Song" is Rick's most popular and most requested original song.  He did this video several years ago, before Hank Williams Jr. decided to record it.

To purchase "Farm Song" go to "Solo Traveler" album on  store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold1

YouTube-Rick Arnold "Guitar Man"

From the Rockin' CD, "Electrified", here's Rick's newest video of "Guitar Man".   It's one of Rick's most requested rock songs that he wrote while living in Nashville, and performs it often! 

To Purchase "Guitar Man", go to  "Electrified" album on  store   OR    www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold5

You Tube-Rick Arnold "Standing On Top of a Mountain"

This song is one of Rick's most requested original songs at his shows.  He wrote this song many years ago in Kentucky, and YES, he was Standing on Top of a Mountain!! 

The first CD it was on was "Hog Wild" and he has since included it on his "The Best of Rick Arnold, Vol. 1" CD.

You Tube-Rick Arnold "How Many Coal Trains"

This song is off the "Kentucky Mojo" album and is a very special song to Rick.   He remembers so clearly when in 1970 he had several friends who lost family members in the Hyden, KY Mine Disaster. 

It was a very difficult time for so many people and he will never forget it.  Then years later there were 3 good friends of his who died from either working in the coal mines or as a result of. 

Rick wrote this song as a heartfelt tribute to all those people.  He is a supporter of coal mining because it is very important to many people in Eastern Kentucky where he grew up. 

Hope you enjoy the song AND the video.

To Purchase "How Many Coal Trains" go to "Kentucky Mojo" album on  store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/cd/rickarnold7

Rick Arnold "Honky Tonk Band" Video - YouTube

Very fun video of a song off the CD "The Real Duke of Hazard".  This video contains dancing and fun from many of Rick's shows.  After watching this video you'll sure want to see one of Rick's shows if you

 haven't already.  Most of all, you'll want to purchase the CD so go to  store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold6    to purchase either the album or single. 

Thanks for watching!!!

YouTube - Rick Arnold "God Bless"

Rick is very patriotic and has donated his talent at many Veterans events.  He wrote this song "God Bless" to end all his shows with.  It brings lots of emotion to those who hear it.

To purchase "God Bless" go to "Solo Traveler" album on  store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold1

YouTube - Rick Arnold "Hog Wild" Video

Rick wrote "Hog Wild" many years ago and his fans loved it.  It was recorded by Hank Williams, Jr. in 1995 and was a big hit.  This video was fun for Rick while singing his original version.

To purchase "Hog Wild" go to "Solo Traveler" album on   store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold1

YouTube - Rick Arnold "School Program"

For over 15 years Rick has presented a school program called "Follow Your Dreams" and it has been so successful he has done over 500 programs throughout the southeast.

This program is a combination of music, art and motivational message.  Whether you are thinking of scheduling Rick at your school or not, you will enjoy seeing the fun Rick has at the schools. 

YouTube - Rick Arnold "Paint a Picture"

Rick's other passion besides music is art.  He made this video to show the different kinds of things he airbrushes and the fun he has doing it. 

Rick's airbrushing is very popular in his shows where he paints a 32X40 picture while singing a song!!

To purchase "Paint a Picture" go to "A Day At The Park" album on     store   OR   www.cdbaby.com/rickarnold2

Rick Arnold Got Vests - YouTube

Rick has always gotten a lot of attention over the years of performing, from his custom made clothes he wears.  He has a very special tailor,  Evelyn Baker, who makes all his vests and shirts. 

He just picks out the material, sends to her and she ships them to him wherever he is at the time.  This video was just a fun way of showing off many of his vests and shirts.

The Gator Trapper   

In Naples, Florida, Rick along with a Licensed Trapper, retrieved an 8 1/2 foot alligator out of Rick's uncle's pond.  This was the experience of a lifetime for an old country boy. 

More Coming Soon!



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